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Dragon Ship - Sharon Lee 3.5/5; 4 stars; B+Dragon Ship is clearly part of the Theo Waitley storyline that Lee and Miller have been developing but I think a reader would be hard pressed to enjoy it if they didn't have the context of the whole Liaden Universe series. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it, as I do the whole series, with reservations due to the context issue. It was fun to see Hevelin and the other Norbears again and I enjoyed seeing the characters of Clarence and Theo working together as well a the re-introduction of some characters from Theo's school days. I'm glad the authors included a thread of the story for Kamele and have developed her character. I found it pretty hard to warm up to her in the early Waitley books. One last character who showed his face was Win Ton. Thankfully the DOI didn't manage to kill him. I particularly enjoyed Bechimo's journey to self-dom and the parts of his ancient history that he was musing upon. However, I found some parts of the book a bit confusing and these musings were part of it. I've read everything in this series except for The Tomorrow Log and Low Port and I still feel a bit baffled by some of the references to the Builders, the old Tech, Uncle, and how they tie into the pre-crystallization universe we encountered in the Crystal Soldier/Crystal Dragon duology. What am I missing?I have enjoyed each mini story arc that the authors have worked on. I sincerely hope in their new contract (Sharon mentioned last week on the blog) that they will weave the tapestry together a bit more so the connections are more clear. And, just because I'm in a demanding kind of mood I'll say I want more Edger and I want more of the damned Tree!!