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I'm a retired chemist and stay at home mom. I read a wide variety of books, mostly fiction with romantic elements. I love PNR, UF, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, health, and finance books. 

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The Millionaire Next Door - Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko I can't believe I forgot to review this book. I was just recommending it to a friend and realized it wasn't on my shelves. I read this book after seeing it recommended on several financial education blogs. People touted it as a good fundamental book on the 'thinking' around wealth. Its written by two scientists who studied American society for many years and profiled people who accumulate wealth or don't accumulate wealth. This isn't a 'how to' book if that is what you're looking for. Its a long hard look at society and the psychology of people and how money, or lack of or excess of, impacts us and our families.