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I'm a retired chemist and stay at home mom. I read a wide variety of books, mostly fiction with romantic elements. I love PNR, UF, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, health, and finance books. 

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Just Down the Road - Jodi Thomas 4.5/5; 5 stars; AWhenever I read a novel set in Harmony, Texas, I just want to stop everything and go there for a visit. I love this series. Its not fast moving, and you have to wait a while for each book, but its worth it. Over the years Thomas has been telling the stories of several people in the town and building a community out of all the 'extras' in the cast. This was a sweet story of a little boy who has has a horrendous childhood so far, a grieving man who fixes injured and traumatized horses, a doctor fighting for freedom from a suffocating family, and an undertaker who is finally achieving his heart's desire. Some of these characters (like the undertaker) have been slowly evolving throughout all the books. Some are pretty new.I was saddened by the changes in Reagan's circumstance when her uncle died but really glad to finally see some progress in her relationship with Noah. I also put this book on my Women's fiction shelf because its borderline....though really...what the heck is women's fiction?