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I'm a retired chemist and stay at home mom. I read a wide variety of books, mostly fiction with romantic elements. I love PNR, UF, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, health, and finance books. 

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The Breaker's Concubine - Ann Mayburn 4/5; 4 stars; A-I really enjoyed this book. Ann Mayburn did an excellent job of writing an erotic sci-fi story that is fairly balanced between the erotic and the science-fiction elements. In the first few pages I was worried that it was going to be one of those books that is mostly about the sex and not too much plot but that was dispelled fairly quickly. There was enough story line in the world building to catch my interest for future books set in this world. Considering this book was only 116 pages long, it packed a lot of story in. There were no wasted pages!I liked the characters, especially Melania, Devnar, and Khilam. Their emotional and sexual connection was very well done. Mayburn, in very few words, also created a believable villain and I want to see what the author comes up with in future stories for her continued evil machinations. I know its not really critical to the story and you can't judge a book by its cover...blah, blah, blah....but I LOVED the cover art for this book.