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I'm a retired chemist and stay at home mom. I read a wide variety of books, mostly fiction with romantic elements. I love PNR, UF, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, health, and finance books. 

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Golden Trail (The 'Burg, #3) - Kristen Ashley 2/5; 2 stars; C-If you have never read a Kristen Ashley book, DO NOT start with this one. This is the weakest book I've read from this author. It hurts to say that because she is a favorite author and I love, love, loved Sweet Dreams. Start there.Anyway, there were things I liked about this book; Tripp and Jasper, Ryker, Blondie, some parts of Layne and Rocky. I liked the mystery plot and put it on my dark and disturbing shelf due to that.Unfortunately, there were a lot of things I didn't like. The book was way too long and could have benefited from cutting out pages and pages of scenes with Rocky pinned against a wall, a bed, a sofa, a truck cab and the endless pointless conversation: 'Rocky''Layne''Sweetcheeks''argh, you are so annoying''Layne!''Rocky!'I have never seen two characters engage in so much inffective conversation in my life. It aggravated me from start to finish. A lot of this book was boring, a lot of ink was given to how 'hot' Layne and Rocky were as well as Rocky's struttin' around. In the first two 'Burg books, Ashley lay down the foundation of the town and the culture of the people. She undid a lot of the good work in this book IMO and made Colt and crew look like a bunch of bumbling fools while Layne and Devin were the only two people who could figure anything out. Lastly, I really did not like the 'big secret' plot device. It might seem like I'm being pretty harsh but I guess I have pretty high expectations of this author and this book fell far short. The only reason I actually finished the book was because I wanted the continuity with the 'Burg series and am looking forward to Mike Haines' book, Games of the Heart.