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I'm a retired chemist and stay at home mom. I read a wide variety of books, mostly fiction with romantic elements. I love PNR, UF, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, health, and finance books. 

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She's Got It Bad (Harlequin Blaze, #464) - Sarah Mayberry 1.5/5; 2 stars; C-I probably would not have finished this book if it hadn't been an audiobook and I was listening to it while up a ladder painting...for hours. What a disappointment. The specific thing that bugged me about the book requires a spoiler to explain so don't read on if you don't like spoilers. Zoe had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in her being sterile. The pregnancy was from a bad, teenage choice but she decided her life was 'thrown away' and she wasn't ever going to be worthy of a loving, long term relationship. Liam was fathered by a violent drunk and Liam had a lot of anger issues and did a lot of fighting as a young man. Therefore, illogically, he decided he would never have a long term relationship or children because he was going to end up just like his father. These two recycled these two ideas over and over through out the story then finally in the last few pages they got their shit together and tried to do something mature and sensible about it.In a few of the Mayberry books I've read, she had strong, but damaged men who have come from an abusive past and don't feel like they can have normal relationships. In this book she took that idea too far in my opinion and inflicted that trope on both main characters with a too heavy hand.